Green Cars With Alternative Fuel

Cars powered by electricity or hydrogen are considered green cars because they have almost no impact on the environment and any waste products that they produce are completely harmless. With the wide awareness of global warming and the impact that the vehicle population of the world has on it, it makes green cars, the cars of the future and one would be well advised to consider them when you are buying a new car.

Green cars-Hydrogen Cars

A hydrogen car is a car that uses water as its source of supply to produce the hydrogen needed to power the car. This technology is still in the infant stages and makers are trying to develop cars that are powered by hydrogen. There are two distinct streams to this hydrogen powered green car. One focuses on using hydrogen as fuel for an internal combustion engine while the other concentrates on using a hydrogen fuel cell to power the vehicle electrically.

The combustion engine being developed to use hydrogen as a source of power is the conventional combustion engine that has been modified so that it can use hydrogen. Green cars using the hydrogen fuel cell technology produce electricity using hydrogen and some chemicals. This electrical energy is then used to power the car.

Hydrogen cars are considered green cars because the only by product of their engines is water vapor and therefore they have an almost zero carbon footprint and their only contribution to the carbon footprint would be from their rather limited use of oil as lubricants in the engine.

Green cars-Electric cars

Electric cars run on batteries and are therefore almost noiseless in their performance, only the hum of the electric motor being its contribution to noise pollution. This noiseless performance is however considered negatively by some people as it is therefore not noticed by pedestrians. An electric car requires no gears and can speed up almost instantly. With less moving parts, the maintenance is also minimal. They run on batteries that can be recharged or in some cases just replaced. There have been objections to calling an electric powered car a green car, because its constant use of electricity to recharge batteries is dependent on power stations which are huge polluters of the environment.

Green cars - Hybrid cars

As the same suggests the hybrid car is something that uses the gasoline engine as well as electric motor to power it. The introduction of the electric motor reduces its dependence on gas, and therefore reduces its carbon footprint. The problem of recharging of batteries that are required to power the electric motor is solved by electricity produced during the running and therefore does not need any plug in facility when it is parked. Generally such cars are made in lighter material like aluminum and plastic, so that the additional weight of batteries do not add too much to the overall weight. People consider hybrid cars as a better alternative to the hydrogen or electric green cars; because the technologies being used in them are fully developed and you do not have to separately look for a way to recharge batteries, which can be a restriction if you go out of town and away from known facilities.